This page contains information about repository_dependencies.


idINTEGERThe unique primary key of the repository dependency in the database.
host_typeSTRINGWhich website the dependencys repository is hosted on, either GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket.
repository_name_with_ownerSTRINGThe repository name and owner seperated by a slash, also maps to the url slug on the given repository host e.g. librariesio/
repository_idINTEGERThe unique primary key of the repository for this dependency in the database.
manifest_platformSTRINGWhich package manager the dependency listed in the manifest should use.
manifest_filepathSTRINGPath to the file where the dependency is declared within the repository.
git_branchSTRINGWhich branch was the manifest loaded from the repository.
manifest_kindSTRINGEither manifest or lockfile, manifests are written by humans, lockfiles contain full resolved dependency tree.
optionalSTRINGIs the dependency optional?.
dependency_project_nameSTRINGThe name of the project that the dependency specifies.
dependency_requirementsSTRINGThe version or range of versions that the dependency specifies, resolution of that to a particular version is package manager specific.
dependency_kindSTRINGThe type of dependency, often declared for the phase of usage, e.g. runtime, test, development, build.
dependency_project_idINTEGERThe unique primary key of the project for this dependency in the database.